«We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.» [Aristotle]

Excellence is doing a thousand small things well.

When you see the benefits of improvement, you may be ready to charge ahead. That’s a great attitude! But please remember to balance workload: if you try too many things at one time, you may never do any of them well. In planning, you can allocate time and resources to the projects that will do the most good.

From year to year, people propose new ideas. Sometimes new ideas come and go – like a fad.  Sometimes, they have staying power because they work – they draw out ideas for improvement.
If you try every new management fad and abandon it soon after, employees will find it hard to take you seriously – even when you find the right one. Pick good approaches and stay with them. Avoid change for the sake of change – this confuses people and has little benefit.
Whatever technique you use, the basic idea is the same: to maintain excellence, organisions always look for ways to do things better.