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Welcome This booklet will help you to decide whether the «Water Impact Guide- book» can be helpful for you and your work. Do you think that capacity development can help you and your organiza- tion do a better job? Then you will certainly find ideas that will be useful. You will also find ways to learn more. If you are curious about how your water sector operates, you may want to read the chapters in the Enabling Environment module. There you will find chapters on governance, water integrity, water sector framework, sec- tor management and regulation. Maybe your organization struggles every day and there is a lack of coopera- tion and management efficiency. Maybe things are always difficult and peo- ple are just not getting the work done that you need them to do. If this is the case, you may find good ideas in the Organization Development module. Perhaps you work with good, decent people but they do not know how to behave and work effectively. They try hard, but they do not succeed. The Human Behavior module offers ideas for good behavior – from Doing a Good Job to Team Building to Meeting Participation and Leadership. Perhaps you are curious about how things are done elsewhere or about commonly accepted good practices. You may wonder what it takes to have a good Human Resources Department or how to control Non-Revenue Water. The Good Practices module offers chapters covering a number of management and technical topics. The next page will present you the full overview in the Table of Content.