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©giz2012 Introduction to Organization Development Organization Development (OD) is a process in which organizations establish goals and transfer them into the jobs that people do every day. People have what they need to get the job done and they receive rewards for achievement and initiative. When you form a new organization, OD helps build a strong management foundation. It includes choosing a mission, making plans, putting people to work and achieving goals. Existing organizations often face new challenges. OD can help an organization respond effectively. OD helps you take a fresh look and strengthen weak areas. A. The Importance of Organization Development Organization development establishes the basic frame- work that any organization needs to manage well and achieve its goals. It helps build a workplace where peo- ple take actions for good reasons and make the best use of available resources. B. Organization Development Chapters in this Guidebook Foundation • Framework • Leadership and Commitment • Mission and Overall Objectives • Strategic Analysis and Planning Structure • Functions • Organization Structure • Job Design • Numbers of Employees • Compensation • Implementing Organization Change Management • Planning Ahead • Delegation • Management by Results • Rewards for Achievement • Performance Audits C. How the “Impact Guidebook” can help you develop your Organization Depending on your situation, you may benefit from ac- tion in selected areas. Maybe you know that you need more effective job descriptions. Maybe your compensa- tion system could be more fair. Or – you may find ben- efit from taking every step of the OD process. What- ever you decide to do, keep the following in mind: Organization development brings change in approach- es and habits. People need time to absorb new ideas, so results take time. Have faith in the outcome and take a determined “one step at a time” approach. The day will come when you realize how much better your organiza- tion is working. Great leaders in the water sector know that success comes from patience and persistence. Change means venturing into the unknown. Fear of change can be a roadblock and it can cause anxiety for employees. Recognize the effects of fear and address them openly. The best Organization Development overcomes road- blocks by striving for “win-win” approaches - not solu- tions where someone wins and another loses. Despite your best efforts, some people will still be un- happy. As Abraham Lincoln said – “You can please some of the people some of the time, but you cannot please all of the people all of the time.” As people see the benefits of OD, they will be happier. Celebrate suc- cesses – even if they are small.