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The Water Impact Booklet The Impact Guidebook would not be possible with- out the efforts of numerous water specialists and prac- titioners. Most of them are acknowledged in the fol- lowing section, although many others contributed in- directly during lively discussions with their ideas and examples. Most important were the outstanding skills and never-ending commitment of Nancy Barnes, a dedicated water expert, practitioner, trainer and ac- complished writer. She developed the overall concept jointly with the GIZ programme managers, was the principal author of many chapters, guided others in writing their chapters, and finally she contributed her time and efforts to edit all chapters and put the entire puzzle together. Because this Guidebook is based on the original one published in 2003, we must acknowledge the contri- bution of the Jerusalem Water Undertaking (JWU) Board of Directors and its staff who developed and implemented many of the concepts in the Organiza- tion Development section. Namely, the former Man- aging Director Abdelkarim Asa’d was instrumen- tal not only in drafting and editing many chapters but also in implementing a good part of the book within the JWU. He enriched the book with extremely valu- able lessons-learned and practical examples. The major contributors to this Impact Guidebook 2012 are as follows: Main Author and Editor Nancy E. Barnes, USA, with permission from her employer, CH2M HILL. GIZ Water Programme Managers and Co-Authors Abdelkarim Asa’d Palestine Kibuchi Kihara Kenya Fred Lerise Tanzania Ison Simbeye Zambia Thomas Petermann, GIZ Germany Ernst Doering, GIZ Palestine, Tanzania and Egypt Co-Authors